Worship Invitations

Worship Invitations

March 15, 2020

Welcome to Worship Invitations ~ a weekly tool assisting God’s people in loving God and loving their neighbors well during this time of social distancing.

Each week you will find a series of invitations to help support your faith journey, and to provide an alternative when corporate worship and fellowship is not possible in real space. These are things you can do with all ages, in solitude or with others.

Let us worship the Lord together!

The Word: Take a listen to this wonderful Lectio Divina podcast, Exhale, on John 15:1-5 about remaining in God’s love.   Take the opportunity to breathe as you listen and prayerfully reflect on the words.

Action:  It’s supposed to be sunny on Sunday.  If you are able, walk outside – wander in your garden, walk in a local park, wander around your neighborhood.  Breathe fresh air and give thanks for life.  Let your kids run and play.  Take in the view and enjoy the work of our Creator.  Pray for the people you pass, the neighbors in their homes, the people in your home.  Remember the words of Acts 17:28:  In God, we live and move and have our being.

Something for our Younger Ones:  Author Sally Lloyd Jones has a wonderful Lenten guide for kids that uses the stories of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  You could jump right in or double up and catch up from the beginning.   Also for adults who will be caring for children in the  coming weeks – here is an online activity resource: Hands On As We Grow.

Service:  Write a note (or email) of encouragement to someone.

Song:   Check out this version of Kyrie Eleison by Chris Tomlin.  Kyrie eleison means “Lord, Have Mercy.”

Prayer: Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep this day, and give Heaven charge over those who sleep.  Tend your sick ones, O Lord Christ. Rest your weary ones. Bless your dying ones. Soothe your suffering ones.  Shield your joyous ones, and all for your love’s sake. Amen.

Friends, may the love of God the Father, the saving grace found in Jesus Christ, and the strength of the Spirit guide you and hold you in this day, and always.

Go in peace and serve the Lord with joy!

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