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I have been in and out a bit the past few weeks with opportunities to watch the waves roll in and out on the Northwest coast, and spending (socially distanced) time with family and friends. These moments make me realize how this season holds a unique weight and impact on our lives. Whether it is world concerns, the upcoming election, or simply household management, I feel a different kind of tiredness. Sitting on the coast, I didn’t even pick up a book. It seemed more important to watch the water ebb and flow.

As I began that trip to the ocean, I was listening to a podcast episode where the interviewer (Mark Labberton) asked the guest (Jennifer Wiseman, Astrophysicist and Astronomer) to reflect on the state of the universe. Mark set up his question by commenting on how the state of our earth, and the state of our country, are occupying so much of our thought right now, and asked “What is the state of the universe these days?” And her response struck a chord for me.

“I would say the state of the universe is that it is beautiful.”

Jennifer Wiseman on Conversing with Mark Labberton

There is so much more going on all around us than we can imagine—an active and beautiful universe, people faithfully caring for their neighbors, teachers preparing to care for their students in whatever way they can, friends sharing zucchini and broccoli from their garden. There is much to celebrate, even in the midst of a time of loss. There is an invitation to raise our eyes, receive inspiration from the beauty of our world, and continue to work for healing and hope.

So today, I offer you a couple resources of inspiration. These are the voices I’m listening to as I choose to make August a time of slow and peaceful renewal. Enjoy!

Jennifer Wiseman on Conversing with Mark Labberton
Listen to the full interview here.

StoryArc – Issue 001 – Cosmic Peace
A Christian collaborative of artists, writers, musicians, and spoken word artists assembled reflection on peace and peacemaking.

The Generosity by Luci Shaw
This new compilation of poems was released this week. Here is one for this moment. There is an invitation to read others in the excerpt at the above link.

An excerpted poem from The Generosity - a book of poems by Luci Shaw.
Shaw, Luci. The Generosity: Poems. Paraclete Press, Brewster, Massachusetts, 2020.