Encouraging Vibrant Community

This is the moment. An invitation to walk courageously into a future that looks different than ‘the way it’s always been.’ Most of us have been considering potential change for quite some time, asking how to widen our welcome, deepen our engagement, or increase our audience. The familiar draws us and we find comfort in what we’ve known. Or we consider small steps forward, wanting to make sure we don’t create too much pain.

Many organizations arrive at a critical moment where they must:

  • assess organizational health
  • discern leading in ministry initiatives or future visioning
  • respond to external circumstances that impact ministry and community
  • consider future viability and infrastructure
  • engage in self-study to discern next steps

Clearly, 2020 has brought many organizations and congregations into a critical moment, with a deep sense of loss—and also amazing opportunities.

Heather will partner with your organization and leaders to:

  • listen and provide reflection and feedback
  • equip leaders for thoughtful, honest, and prayerful decision making
  • provide a template for effective and clear communication
  • facilitate open dialog, engaging stakeholders in creative ways
  • create space for innovation and discovery
  • assist leaders in understanding what they have learned
  • provide encouragement in the process of decision making and implementation

Working together, we can recognize the gift of a critical moment and seek wisdom as we take steps of discovery and discernment, with movement towards a hopeful future.

Pentecost Doves hanging in the  church foyer

Heather has been a true blessing for our church. She has patiently guided our leaders to boldly embrace our gifts, to realize our potential, and to see this time as a golden opportunity. Our church family is now as strong as ever and so excited for our new beginning.

Jay Kennon, Elder
Shepherd of the Hill Presbyterian Church