Critical Moments

A critical moment might be:
• when ‘the thing we’ve always done’ no longer works
• when we aren’t sure what to do next
• when energy is hard to find
• when our efforts are focused on maintaining the familiar
• when people are walking away
• when we aren’t meeting the bills
• when hope is elusive

When change is needed, we have a choice. We can put our effort into trying to keep things the same. Or, we can recognize the critical moment as an invitation to consider a new way forward.

As leaders who care deeply about the people we serve, we may find these choices difficult to make. Despite our best efforts, leading for change in structure or style will inevitably cause pain. We will need to hold our people with compassion while still charting a course ahead.

Heather assists congregations in times of discovery and revitalization, and accompanies churches that choose to close with dignity.

Recognizing the invitation of a critical moment allows for a new level of honest conversation and opens the door to creativity and possibility. With reflection and imagination, we can lead through times of change with integrity and hope.