Grace for Today

A New Start

Welcome to the new place to find updates about Heather’s cancer treatment and recovery. 

First, a couple notes: The previous platform ( was permanently shut down. Those updates are lost to cyberspace, but I believe all the donations made through the site were deposited into my account prior to the closure. If you have questions about this, please email me for clarification. 

Many of you have asked how to support Hana and I during this time. I’ve created a short list of links under the heading “Ways You Can Help” and hope that gives you some tangible ideas. 

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I will also end each post with a “Hope with Me” list. I am so grateful to be surrounded by a diverse and thoughtful community. Some of us pray, some send good mojo, some hold others in light, others know just the right words, or can offer a good laugh. One of the best ways to support us right now is to hold onto hope with us – in whatever way is authentic for you. I’m deeply grateful you are here, and walking with us. 

Finally, a quick re-cap and health update: 

On May 10th, I was diagnosed with ER/PR+, HER2- breast cancer. There’s a longer story to the cancer’s discovery that I will save for another post. In the days following the diagnosis, I received a myriad of scans and tests to figure out the nature of the tumor and the effect on my body’s wellbeing. In that process, they discovered three unfriendly masses in my thyroid. Two of them were biopsied, and one was determined to be highly suspicious. 

The current treatment plan is for a lumpectomy with lymph node removal in July, reconstructive surgery in August, to be followed by thyroid surgery in late August or early September. The pathology of the tumor and lymph nodes will determine whether the next steps will involve both chemo and radiation. The oncologist will be designing treatment based on both the breast cancer and the final thyroid pathology.

Hope with Me: 

• This health challenge is renovating my life in some significant ways, starting with the need to slow down, rest, and learn to heal. Hope with me for an open heart to receive these lessons and let slower days be enough. 

• That Hana and I would find ways to connect and play.

• For this final week of work at my church before I begin medical leave – for good connections, and the wisdom to finish what needs to be done and let the rest go.

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